If you're a personal development junky or self help addict - like us here at Rapid Crush, Inc. - then you've probably encountered your fair share of "wishy washy" gurus.

What do we mean? We're talking about the ones who speak in platitudes, who have neat sayings but at the end of the day do nothing more but make you feel good for a bit, then it rubs off.

That's why we developed our own self help program called "Personal Development For People Who Can't Stand Wishy Washy Personal Development Gurus" - a long name, we know, but a great program none the less! Get it below!

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Audio Based Training

12 sessions covering the best, time-tested approaches to improving your business and personal life. You get instant access to all these mp3 recordings.

Includes Transcripts

In addition to getting the mp3s, you also get the transcripts to the audios, so you can read along while you listen, or print them up and bind them!

Ipod, Ipad, Iphone Ready

These audios can easily be added to any mp3 player, or any tablet and/or smart phone that supports the playing of mp3s. Take them with you!

Top Notch Support

Support can be reached at support.wishywashyguru.com - we have full time support on weekdays and limited support on weekends.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is our goal. Try it for 30 days. Within that time, if you're unsatisfied in any way, you can get a full refund. No questions asked!

Just $49.95

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